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About Digital Art / Student Premium Member Aakashi30/Female/United States Group :iconmsf-high-club: MSF-High-Club
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Newest Deviations

This is for my most recent work. Hope you enjoy. :3

Gift Art and Art Trades

This folder is for gift art and art trades, thank you if you have done one.

If you want a trade, check my journal if I have a slot open.


Comics and Extra Links

MSF High
MSF High: Too busy with work right now, please DO NOT ask when it will update. Please don't tell us if the site is down, we probably already know. @.@

High School Changed Me
High School Changed Me: Updates put on hold.

Play Time
Writer for this comic is :iconlordthawkeye: Updates on the 7th, 14th, 21th, and 28th of each month.

Extra Links:

Wraith's Youtube Channel: This is Wraith's Youtube channel where he will review video games. Its new so there isn't much up yet.

Aakashi's Youtube Channel: This is my Youtube channel. Mostly just have my animations.

Art Status

Commissions: Open
Art Trades: Closed
Requests: Forever closed. Requests, suggestions and ideas will be ignored.
Commissions Open by SquirtleStampsCollaborations - Friends Only by SweetDukeCommissions not requests by MariposaBulletNo Mooching Stamp by Lady-Zelda-of-HyruleNo Gifts by SweetDukeNo Kiribans by SweetDuke
Please check prices before asking for a commission. I don't accept DA points as payment.

Youtube by Nana-BeatsNo YouTube by Aazari-ResourcesDon't Put Artwork in YT Videos by gracie-is-a-pieAnti Art Theft Stamp by Zeiphex
Please do not post my artwork unless you commissioned it. Do not note me asking if you can post my work on youtube. The answer will always be NO. Only allowing AkuoreoFan and Transformingmorpher to post my work on youtube.

Please do not note me trying to give me ideas or suggestions. That's the same as making a request.




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Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Ello, I go by Aakashi or Kashi. Wraith is my boyfriend and also my writer. I'm a transformation and transgender artist. Been drawing TF TG for nine years.

Also I am the artist of two web comics:
MSF High

Requests, commissions - closed open by Angi-Shy
Commission Info

Current Residence: TN
I'm putting the 'Fans choose the Transformation' as a commission option. It will be six full body pictures with one for free, so it will be $200 for full color and $150 for flat colors. The commissioner will choose who the victim is.

Rules on it will be the same as last time, fans will be able to suggest ether clothing, race, gender, bust size and personalty. One suggestion for each person on each picture. Once there is enough suggestions, myself and Wraith will choose which suggestion wins.

Note me or Wraith if you're interested! :3

Added two more options as well:
Slime girl pokemon anthro
Pony anthro Avatar/Icon

Click the picture above to donate! :3
'Like, totally awesome!' Comic:
Inking (3 pages inked so far)

Commission Info

Commissions: Open
Art Trade: Closed
Slot1: :iconcanon-thought: (TF or TG comic: Option only for friends)
Slot2:  (Full body picture)
Art Requests: Forever Closed. Ideas and requests will be ignored and removed.
Commission Guide

(No Example yet)
Simple sketch: $10
(add $5 for extra character or background)
For one character with no BG. Will only be a pencil sketch with no shading.

Wraith Zebra Anthro TF TG by AkuOreo
Shaded sketch:: $15 (add $10 for extra character or background)
For one character with no BG. Will be shaded with detail.

Art Trade: Familiar Choker p3 by AkuOreo
Inked work: $20
(add $10 for extra character or background)
Inked picture of one character with no BG.

Slime Berry Twist p3 by AkuOreo
Flat Color: $30 (add $10 for background or extra character)
Flat colored full body picture of one character.

Famicom-tan by AkuOreo
Console-tan: $35
Full body picture of one console-tan, simple background. This comes with a bio that Wraith writes. This discounted price only for console-tans we haven't done yet, if you want a redrawn of a console-tan, it will cost extra.

NES Kimono by AkuOreo
Photoshop Color: $40
(add $20 for extra character or background)
Colored picture of one character with no BG.

Aurora by AkuOreo
Slime girl pokemon anthro: $35
This price is for only this coloring style, and only for a pokemon that I haven't done yet in this style. Colored picture for one character with no background.

My Little Nat p4 by AkuOreo
Simple sketch comic page: $20 (add $10 for extra character)
Pencil sketch comic page with no shading, with only one character.

Ready to Serve p8 by AkuOreo
Detail sketch comic page: $30 (add $10 for extra character)
Shaded sketch comic page with detail with only one character.

Art Trade: Familiar Choker p1 by AkuOreo
Inked comic page: $40 (add $10 for extra character)
Inked comic page with one character.

Nightmare p2 by AkuOreo
Flat Color Comic per page: $60 (add $15 for extra character)
Flat colored comic page with one character.

New Exhibit p6 by AkuOreo
Color Comic per page: $80 (add $20 for extra character)
Colored comic page with one character.

A Console-tan birthday party p8 by AkuOreo
Full body change per page: $40 (add $20 for extra character)
Full body page with one character. Normally used for transformation comics.

Help Pick Wraith's Changes P1 by AkuOreoHelp Pick Wraith's Changes P2 by AkuOreoHelp Pick Wraith's Changes P3 by AkuOreoHelp Pick Wraith's Changes P4 by AkuOreoHelp Pick Wraith's Changes P5 by AkuOreoHelp Pick Wraith's Changes P6 by AkuOreo
Fans choose the TF!: $200 full color or $150 flat color
This is for one character full body transformation. For better description on this option New commission option!

Chibi Guardian by AkuOreo
Chibi: $30
This is for one chibi.

Shark Slime Girl Ally Chibi by AkuOreo
Flat Color Chibi: $25
This is for one flat color chibi.

Mariposa Avatar by AkuOreoPokemon Slime Girl Kiss Avatars by AkuOreo
Avatar/Icon: $20 ($35 for a connected avatars)
This is for one avatar, unless you pay for a connected avatars..

G4 Rainbow Dash Anthro Avatar by AkuOreo
Pony Anthro Avatar/Icon: $15
This is for one avatar. It can be a pony anthro version of a character from the show or a pony you created. The background will have said character cutie mark shown. Be sure to check if I have already drawn a pony from the show before asking for one.

Slime Berry Twist Bust Shot by AkuOreo
Bust Shot: $25
This is for one bust shot.

Ebony by AkuOreo
Simple Pony: $25
This is for one pony.

Ocean Lily by AkuOreo
Complex Pony: $35
This is for one pony.

Female Nudity: $10 (added on for each character)

Read before Commenting please!

Comments asking for requests or making a suggestion for future artwork will be removed. As well as tags, contests, asking for DA points and advertising or any sort of spam comments. Please do not thumb nail someone else's artwork in your comment on my page.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Hope you have fun viewing my page. :3

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