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This is for my most recent work. Hope you enjoy. :3

Gift Art, Art trades and Commissions

This folder is for gift art, art trades and commissions. Thank you if you have done one.

If you want a trade, check my journal if I have a slot open.



Comics and Extra Links

MSF High
MSF High: Too busy with work right now, please DO NOT ask when it will update. Please don't tell us if the site is down, we probably already know. @.@

High School Changed Me: On hiatus.

Play Time
Writer for this comic is :iconlordthawkeye: Updates on the 7th, 14th, 21th, and 28th of each month.

Extra Links:

Wraith's Youtube Channel: This is Wraith's Youtube channel where he will review video games. Its new so there isn't much up yet.

Aakashi's Youtube Channel: This is my Youtube channel. Mostly just have my animations.

Art Status

Commissions: Open
Art Trades: Closed
Requests: Forever closed. Requests, suggestions and ideas will be ignored.
Commissions Open by SquirtleStampsCollaborations - Friends Only by SweetDukeCommissions not requests by MariposaBulletNo Mooching Stamp by Lady-Zelda-of-HyruleNo Gifts by SweetDukeNo Kiribans by SweetDuke
Please check prices before asking for a commission. I don't accept DA points as payment.

Youtube by Nana-BeatsNo YouTube by Aazari-ResourcesDon't Put Artwork in YT Videos by gracie-is-a-pieAnti Art Theft Stamp by Zeiphex
Please do not post my artwork unless you commissioned it. Do not note me asking if you can post my work on youtube. The answer will always be NO. Only allowing AkuoreoFan and Transformingmorpher to post my work on youtube.

Please do not note me trying to give me ideas or suggestions. That's the same as making a request.



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Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Hi, I go by Aakashi or Kashi. Wraith is my boyfriend and also my writer. I'm a transformation and transgender artist, been drawing TF TG for ten years.

Please do NOT ask me when something updates if it's on hiatus!

Requests, commissions - closed open by Angi-Shy
Commission Info

Current Residence: TN
The next chapter for Console-tan Stories: At your Service has been put up! :3 So far there is four chapters to it. No cover this time, anyone can commission one to be made though! I'll stream it like the last one.

Like the Mahou Galaxy journal, I'll link to any fanart in each update of this journal. Also if you only do inks/line art, with your permission I'll color it. :3

Please go check the story out! :3

Console-tan Stories: At Your Service Chapter 1
For the first three seconds, there is a program.  As it executes itself, it grows in complexity, until, after the three seconds have passed, it's no longer considered a program.  It has become life, a spark that is not well understood, but utilized nonetheless.  As the new life springs into sentience, it instinctually reaches out, discovering its senses, abilities, and capacities.  This leads the lifeform to discover rather quickly that it is an autonomous mechanical being designed to serve the biological beings, humans, who created it.  After learning what a human is and the difference between the genders, it realizes that it is designed to externally resemble a human female, generally considered the more gentle and caring of the species.  More specifically, she is 1.65 meters tall, of a build considered lean but healthy, with long, gray hair and red eyes, both colors being considered rare for young human females, in part to make her distinct enough that she isn't mistaken for a human
Console-tan Stories: At Your Service Chapter 2
36 percent of NES-tan's backup power was remaining.  With a speed faster than a human could process, she took in her surroundings, relieved in part to at least be able to access her senses.  It was wet.  Cold drops of rain streamed through her hair and down her face.  Once again, she was somewhere unfamiliar, though it was a place she had many times during her inactivity considered the possibility of ending up.  Her vision was flooded with mountains of refuse, discarded items, just like her, as far as she could see.  She was in a garbage dump.  NES-tan thought for a moment about the symbolic implications of her predicament, but quickly decided that she wouldn't allow despair to overcome her small chance to get away from this place.  For a moment, NES-tan panicked, worried that she had been ripped in half as she couldn't feel her legs, but after her body diagnostics completed, she realized that while she was missing a lage number of her servos, she was at least still in one piece.  Her
Console-tan Stories: At Your Service Chapter 3
"Devon," the young man replied, his gaze turned downward for a moment in contemplation, "My name's Devon.  How about you?  Do you have a name yet?"  NES-tan blinked at the question.  Some owners did name their consoles, but that had obviously never happened to her.  She hung her head and barely whispered out her response.  "No, my owner didn't want me at all.  He had me stripped for spare parts and then thrown in a dump."  Devon was clearly saddened by this, but he shook his head, looked into the console's eyes, and replied.  "So, your last owner...well, the guy that didn't want you...was he the first?  Or was there someone else before him?  Do you remember being assembled before then, or coming from a refurbishment station?"  The android thought about his words, bringing up her data entry for refurbishment.  When an owner gives away his console-tan or passes away, it's common for the console-tan to be sent to a refurbishment station to have their magnetic resonance units cleared of th
Console-tan Stories: At Your Service Chapter 4It had been nearly a week since NES-tan had powered herself down, but the android was not feeling worried about it.  With a clockwork regularity, her body's status reports rolled in, each day bringing news of another repair.  A replaced actuator in her left arm.  The lenses in her right eye cleared and polished.  The dead cell in her battery removed and a new one put in.  All of this was accompanied by her movement sensors going off.  Her body was being repositioned, often to allow access to the needed area, but at the end of each repair session, she was being moved elsewhere, she assumed that it was out of potential view of Devon's foster father.  For a day, there was a break from the updates, where she had gone completely untouched, but that was more than made up for with the repair that the final day brought--her Magnetic Resonance Unit was finally reinstalled.  She very nearly powered herself on, but was able to show restraint and avoid it. &

Commission Info

Commissions: Open
Art Trade: Closed
Slot1: :iconcanon-thought:
Slot2: :iconinsanity-eternal:
Slot3:      (Open to anyone who has gotten a trade with me before)
Art Requests: Forever Closed. Ideas and requests will be ignored and removed.
Commission Guide

(No Example yet)
Simple sketch: $10
(add $5 for extra character or background)
For one character with no BG. Will only be a pencil sketch with no shading.

Castle Guardians p23 by AkuOreo
Shaded sketch:: $15 (add $10 for extra character or background)
For one character with no BG. Will be shaded with detail.

Art Trade: Felicia TF TG by AkuOreo
Inked work: $20
(add $10 for extra character or background)
Inked picture of one character with no BG.

Cerberus Taur Anthro by AkuOreo
Flat Color: $30 (add $10 for background or extra character)
Flat colored full body picture of one character.

Famicom-tan by AkuOreo
Console-tan: $35
Full body picture of one console-tan, simple background. This comes with a bio that Wraith writes. This discounted price only for console-tans we haven't done yet, if you want a redrawn of a console-tan, it will cost extra.

Mahou Galaxy: Keith TG human form by AkuOreo
Photoshop Color: $40
(add $20 for extra character or background)
Colored picture of one character with no BG.

Dragon girl by AkuOreo
Simple sketch comic page: $20 (add $10 for extra character)
Pencil sketch comic page with no shading, with only one character.

A company's bright and GROWING future! p3 by AkuOreo
Detail sketch comic page: $30 (add $10 for extra character)
Shaded sketch comic page with detail with only one character.

Art Trade: Familiar Choker p1 by AkuOreo
Inked comic page: $40 (add $10 for extra character)
Inked comic page with one character.

Robobomb p2 by AkuOreo
Flat Color Comic per page: $60 (add $15 for extra character)
Flat colored comic page with one character.

Dragon Boost p2 by AkuOreo
Color Comic per page: $80 (add $20 for extra character)
Colored comic page with one character.

Early Surpise p4 by AkuOreo
Full body change per page: $40 (add $20 for extra character)
Full body page with one character. Normally used for transformation comics.

Chibi Guardian by AkuOreo
Chibi: $30
This is for one chibi.

Shark Slime Girl Ally Chibi by AkuOreo
Flat Color Chibi: $25
This is for one flat color chibi.

Pumpkin Spice by AkuOreoPokemon Slime Girl Kiss Avatars by AkuOreo
Avatar/Icon: $20 or 1400 DA points ($35 for a connected avatars)
This is for one avatar, unless you pay for a connected avatars.

Random Sprites p1 by AkuOreo
Pixel Avatar/Icon: $5 or 400 DA points
This is for one pixel avatar.

Slime Berry Twist Bust Shot by AkuOreo
Bust Shot: $25
This is for one bust shot.

Ebony by AkuOreo
Simple Pony: $25
This is for one pony.

Ocean Lily by AkuOreo
Complex Pony: $35
This is for one pony.

Female Nudity: $10 (added on for each character)

Read before Commenting please!

Comments asking for requests or making a suggestion for future artwork will be removed. As well as tags, contests, asking for DA points and advertising or any sort of spam comments. Please do not thumb nail someone else's artwork in your comment on my page.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Hope you have fun viewing my page. :3

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