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Newest Deviations

This is for my most recent work. Hope you enjoy. :3

Mahou Galaxy, MSF High Stories and extra stories

Written work done by :iconmsfhwraith:, the owner and writer for the comic MSF High.


Beside MSF High I also do another webcomic for another writer. Story is done by :iconlordthawkeye:. Please go check it out! :3

Updates on the 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th of each month.

Gift Art, Art trades and Commissions

This folder is for gift art, art trades and commissions. Thank you if you have done one.

If you want a trade, check my journal if I have a slot open.



Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Hi, I go by Aakashi or Kashi. Wraith is my boyfriend and also my writer. I'm a transformation and transgender comic artist, been drawing TF TG for eleven years.

My FA gallery:…
My Tumblr:
My Twitter:
My Youtube Channel:…
MSF High Facebook page:…

Art Status
Commissions: Open
Art Trades: Closed
Collabs: Open only to artists I like/watch.
Requests: Forever closed. Requests, suggestions and ideas will be ignored.

Comic linksMSF High
MSF High: Updates twice a month. Want to see it update more? Then join our patreon! :3

High School Changed Me: On hiatus.

Play Time
Writer for this comic is :iconlordthawkeye: Updates on the 7th, 14th, 21th, and 28th of each month.


Every bit helps myself and Wraith out so we can bring out more art and stories! Thank you to those who donate! Just click the link above to donate with paypal! :3


That's all I have to post today. I have an over twenty pages worth TF in the works now, only one page left to do.

Right now I'm working on artwork for the MSF High role playing book.

If you want to support our work, then please join our patreon. Thank you so much to those who supported us this far. :3
The next comic slideshow is up. Like and subscribe if you want to see more.

We have chosen someone for reading Wraith's stories out loud for the recordings. Thank you to those who showed interest.
A reminder. This is still a commission option. I haven't added it to my main prices list since I won't always accept them.
Kyla Transformation by AkuOreo

It's a five step transformation, it's $80 for flat colors and $120 for full colors.

Note me if you want one.
:iconmsfhwraith: 's looking for someone who can record themselves reading his stories out loud. If you're interested, please make a small recording of yourself reading a sentence or two from one of Wraith's stories. Then email it to us. Note me and I'll give you the email.

We'll be posting the recordings along with new art for said stories on my youtube channel. Wraith wants Mahou Galaxy to be the first one.
I'm having another deal, this time it's a continuation of Wraith is in another Castle. This will be split between two people, like the other deals. This one will be two comic pages and three full body pages. Both people will be changed by Wraith's character, and both will be changed into a koopa general like my character. You get to choose what type of koopa you or your OC change into.

This one will have a full color and flat color option, please state which one you want if you want a slot.

This is for one TF TG comic series, not a TF TG comic series for each person. Two people will be pitching in for one  TF TG comic series, like the last deals.

Full color per person: $190
Flat color per person: $145

Slot1: :iconbenjybum: (flat color)
Slot2: :iconfattub4:

Note me or message Wraith if you want a slot!


Commission Info

Commissions: Open
Art Trade: Closed
Art Requests: Forever Closed. Ideas and requests will be ignored and removed.
Commission Guide

No Example yet!
Simple sketch: $10
(add $5 for extra character or background)
For one character with no BG. Quick sketch with no cleaning.

Evalily Transformation p2 by AkuOreo
Sketch: $12
(add $7 for extra character or background)
For one character with no BG. Cleaned sketch, lines more pronounced.

Castle Guardians p23 by AkuOreo
Shaded sketch:: $15
(add $10 for extra character or background)
For one character with no BG. Will be shaded with detail.

Art Trade: Felicia TF TG p2 by AkuOreo
Inked work: $20
(add $10 for extra character or background)
Inked picture of one character with no BG.

Cerberus Taur Anthro by AkuOreo
Flat Color: $30
(add $10 for background or extra character)
Flat colored full body picture of one character.

Famicom-tan by AkuOreo
Console-tan: $35

Full body picture of one console-tan, simple background. This comes with a bio that Wraith writes. This discounted price only for console-tans we haven't done yet, if you want a redrawn of a console-tan, it will cost extra.

Mahou Galaxy: Keith TG human form by AkuOreo
Photoshop Color: $40
(add $20 for extra character or background)
Colored picture of one character with no BG.

Fans Choose the TF!: M706 p1 by AkuOreoFans Choose the TF!: M706 p2 by AkuOreoFans Choose the TF!: M706 p3 by AkuOreoFans Choose the TF!: M706 p4 by AkuOreoFans Choose the TF!: M706 p5 by AkuOreoFans Choose the TF!: M706 p6 (End) by AkuOreo
Fans Choose the TF!: $200

Six full body pages, you can find the info on this here New commission option back!

No example yet!
Simple sketch comic page: $20
(add $10 for extra character)
Pencil sketch comic page with no shading, with only one character. Quick sketch with no cleaning.

Dragon girl by AkuOreo
Sketch comic page: $25
(add $10 for extra character)
Pencil sketch comic page with no shading, with only one character. Cleaned sketch, lines more pronounced .

A company's bright and GROWING future! p3 by AkuOreo
Shaded sketch comic page: $30
(add $10 for extra character)
Shaded sketch comic page with detail with only one character.

Art Trade: Familiar Choker p1 by AkuOreo
Inked comic page: $40
(add $10 for extra character)
Inked comic page with one character.

Robobomb p2 by AkuOreo
Flat Color Comic per page: $60
(add $15 for extra character)
Flat colored comic page with one character.

Dragon Boost p2 by AkuOreo
Color Comic per page: $80
(add $20 for extra character)
Colored comic page with one character.

MSF High: Chapter 9 p3 by AkuOreo
MSF High comic page: $80

This is for one comic page.

Early Surpise p4 by AkuOreo
Full body change per page: $40
(add $20 for extra character)
Full body page with one character. Normally used for transformation comics.

Chibi Guardian by AkuOreo
Chibi: $30

This is for one chibi.

Mature Content

Shark Slime Girl Ally Chibi by AkuOreo

Flat Color Chibi: $25

This is for one flat color chibi.

Pumpkin Spice by AkuOreoPokemon Slime Girl Kiss Avatars by AkuOreo
Avatar/Icon: $20
($35 for a connected avatars)
This is for one avatar, unless you pay for a connected avatars.

Female Nudity: $10
(added on for each character)

Read before Commenting please!

Comments asking for requests or making a suggestion for future artwork will be removed. As well as tags, contests, asking for DA points and advertising or any sort of spam comments. Please do not thumb nail someone else's artwork or yours in your comment on my page.

Role playing is not allowed on my page. If you want to role play with someone you meet under the comment section on one of my pictures, please take it to notes instead. I don't role play, please don't ask.

Please don't be insulted if I don't answer your comments or notes, I'm too busy with work to answer every comment. Befriending me won't get you free artwork, special treatment, discounts or gift art for birthdays or holidays. (This may seem harsh, but I have had people demand this after 'befriending' me.) Don't ask if I could be your friend.

Please do not post my artwork, unless you commissioned it. I'm not allowing anymore people to post my work on youtube.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Hope you have fun viewing my page. :3

My page is not your billboard by savagebinnRequests are Closed by savagebinnRead Before You Comment by LeoLeonardoNOte Spam Stamp by HlTLERThis Is a No RP Zone by savagebinn...Sorry, I don't RP. by StampsByNeekko


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JH22783 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New Deviant
Love your art :heart: and love your videos :heart:
ChinchillaChris67 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Traditional Artist
Out of curiosity, do you happen to like vampires? I asked this question because I am writing a novella about vampires.
KannelChillJustChill Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New Deviant Student Artist
So, $100 dollars for a character with big tits? That's fucking vile,  I know my art might look like cancer, but gross, I do NOT put so much tits into my art. Go ahead block me, show that you cannot take criticism, big tit no nipple ass artist.
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Gloomu Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Digital Artist
Hold up. You are charging over 100 dollars for something with bad anatomy, lazy anime eyes and transparent hair?I'm shocked at all of this. I think you need to try and make your art better. I'm still learning and I don't charge 100 bucks for my art.I think its unfair to me and the buyer. You really need to try try TRY to make your art look good and not lazy. And please don't block people are trying to help you. You got this far with being lazy I want to see you at least get better. Not even talented artist charge that much for their art. AND THEY ARE PROFESSIONALS! I just hope you read this before you block me and at least think hard about this. YOU can get better.
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